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First Aid and CPR Certification classes

Taking a CPR / First Aid course is a requirement that has to be taken every two years   in order to keep current  with  many types of  jobs. It is best to take classes more frequently  or review the instructions for further learning. Furthermore, studies have shown […]

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Choking is a common breathing emergency that can lead to death if  help is not given . This is often a very common death in children  because  they are still developing their eating  skills, but it can definitely happens to anyone  at any given time. Doing nothing  is […]

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Test 2

Test # 2 for the day.

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CPR for ALL Blog

Many people are sometimes afraid to get involved in a life threatening emergency because they are not sure what to do or they are afraid to get a contagious illness as well as  the fear of getting sue. These are normal thoughts that can affect us in any life […]

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