celebrex withdrawal symptoms

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Choking is a common breathing emergency that can lead to death if  help is not given . This is often a very common death in children  because  they are still developing their eating  skills, but it can definitely happens to anyone  at any given time.

Doing nothing  is the worst thing that can do for  the victim in any emergency. Sometimes by just watching a video or reading a helpful book can give you the necessary skills to have enough confident to act.

If  you find a victim coughing forcefully , let him or her try to cough up the object , A person who is getting enough air to cough or speak is getting enough air to breath . Stay with the person and encourage him or her to continue coughing . However , if the person continue to cough without coughing up the object , have someone to call 9-1-1 or the local emergency number.  Once the victim  is not longer coughing and he or she is making a high pitch sound , It will be time to act.

Remember to ask  for permission before helping the victim . Once you have consent to help , position yourself behind the person . Place two fingers on the victim’s navel and with the other hand make a fist and place it above  your two fingers.

Grab your fist with your other hand and give  quick , upward thrusts into the abdomen . Continue abdominal thrusts until the object is dislodge and the person can breath or cough forcefully, or becomes unconscious.