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Family & Friends CPR for All

The Family & Friends First Aid for Children course teaches how to manage illness and injuries in a child for the first few minutes until professional help arrives. The program also covers child safety and preventing injuries.

This course offers a fun, dynamic way for families, friends and communities to come together and learn first aid basics.


Anyone caring for infants and children who wants to learn basic first aid information, such as:
• Family members
• Grandparents and siblings
• New or expecting parents
• Babysitters
• Neighbors
• Others providing childcare

Course Content

• Child safety for different ages
• First Aid basics like checking for injuries and illnesses and rescue breathing for infants
• Medical emergencies like breathing problems, seizure and shock
• Injury emergencies like bleeding, head injuries, broken bones, burns and eye injuries
• Environmental emergencies like bites and stings
• Poison emergencies

Course Format

This course is available in two formats:
• Classroom-based (students are guided through video-based lessons and skills are conducted if applicable)
• Self-directed (students use their own booklet and DVD/video to complete the lessons)

Approximate course time is 45 minutes.


• Topics cover a range of first aid, injury prevention, and emergency topics
• Classroom format works well for learners who prefer group interaction and trainer feedback while learning skills
• Self-directed learning option provides an alternative to classroom for those who prefer to learn at their own pace
• Each student receives high quality course materials for ongoing reference


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Students choose one of two course formats:
• Classroom-based where a group of students is guided through video-based lessons and involved in group interaction
• Self-directed allows a student to purchase his or her own course materials and complete the lessons at the student’s own pace

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the AHA determine the cost for all training courses and the accompanying course materials?

A: Costs for courses and materials are determined by Training Centers or Instructors and may vary. The AHA does not regulate price; however, provides its authorized distributors suggested retail pricing on course materials.


80-2340 Spanish Family & Friends® First Aid for Children Student Book
80-2367 Spanish Family & Friends® First Aid for Children Instructor Package

Course Option

Heartsaver Pediatric First Aid is a credentialed option that offers more course content and requires students to complete a skills practice session.

Instructor Materials

For the classroom-based course:

80-1077 Heartsaver and Family & Friends Instructor Manual

Family & Friends First Aid for Children
80-1032 DVD
80-1033 VHS

Student Materials

80-1034 Family & Friends First Aid for Children Student Book
80-1032 Family & Friends First Aid for Children DVD

Family & Friends CPR for All